The Tops For Pops Project Golden Notepad Award, for commenting beyond the call of duty.

Before we get to the Top Decade, a word of thanks to all who voted, and especially to those who came back day after day to leave comments on every record featured. Special mentions are due to Amanda, Asta, David, Douglas, Gert, Junio, Pam, Stereoboard, Steve, Sue Bailey – and particularly to the incomparable noodle vague (to give him his full title), whose comments generally rocked like an incandescent motherf***er from Hell, y’all.

However, the Troubled Diva Which Decade Is Tops For Pops? Golden Notepad award, for consistently delivering a quite superb set of comments throughout the entire lifespan of the project, on every single last record featured, has to go to…

Nigel R (the UK one).

Somebody show this man how to set up his own weblog! This is a talent which deserves to come out of the Google-can’t-find-me-here shadows of the comments box, and into the sunlit uplands of the, OK I’ll say it just this once just once more and then that’s it, Blogosphere. You can find just about every single one of his comments – maybe even the whole lot – further down this page, and stretching back into the last two weeks’ archives. I heartily commend them to you.

A round of applause for Nigel, please.

Thank you. Back later.

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